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ENVIPLAST® composite pellets is considerably lower in cost compared to the existing compostable plastics pellets in the market and thus offer more economical solutions to bag manufacturers by modifying their existing machine with relatively low cost investment.

ENVIPLAST® can be processed with modified conventional blown film machine and used to replace conventional plastic bags, which are the largest contributor to plastic waste. It can be used for shopping bags, garbage bags, laundry bags, aprons, and multi-purpose disposable flexible packaging.

ENVIPLAST® is the most suitable substitute for environmental unfriendly conventional plastic. It will degrade in nature by action of micro-organism (e.g. bacteria, fungi). It can also safely be consumed by snails, insects, and other land and aquatic animals.

ENVIPLAST® dissolves instantly in hot water, softens in cold water and leaves only a small amount of ash when burnt; contrary to conventional plastic which leaves molten residue behind.

ENVIPLAST® film also has a static dissipative property, with a surface resistivity of 107.5 - 1010 ohm/cm2, compared to HDPE/LDPE at 1013 ohm/cm2. There is potential to use ENVIPLAST® as antistatic wrapping for electronic components, which are prone to interference caused by electrostatic.

Excellent oxygen barrier (0,0235 mL/100in2.day) makes ENVIPLAST® potential to be used as protective layer in food and healthcare multi-layer flexible packaging.