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The green movement and biodegradable polymer innovation across the globe has raised awareness on many different levels, starting from the sustainability of the resources, end of life of the products, the processing facilities, price performance level of the products, energy resources, carbon footprint, etc.

ENVIPLAST® offers solutions to most of the issues as it has a sustainable lifecycle, from the bio-based raw materials, low cost process and production, to no necessity for end of life processing facilities, and finally back to nature in the form of CO2, H2O and biomass.

ENVIPLAST® bags are NOT plastic bags, even though its manufacturing process and appearance are similar to conventional plastic bags. ENVIPLAST® bags can "disappear" with the help of macro- and micro-organism UNDER NATURAL CONDITION and can go to landfill directly; whereas the other available bio-plastics CAN ONLY biodegrade under industrial composting conditions and WILL NOT decompose when discarded into nature or buried into landfill.