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Eco-products International Fair 2013

The Eco-products International Fair (EPIF) showcases the most advanced environmentally friendly products, technologies and services that enhance sustainable development and competitiveness. The 8th EPIF 2013, with the theme “One Environment, One Future: Towards a Sustainable & Greener Asia”, can be a global platform and one-stop centre to showcase Asia’s commitments to the environment and highlight the biggest opportunities in eco-business.

ENVIPLAST® participated in this exhibition which was held in Sands Expo & Conventional Center Singapore (14–16 March 2013) by displaying assorted ENVIPLAST® bags made from cassava starch. It was an attempt to introduce ENVIPLAST® bags to Asian market and showcase the most advance and innovative technology by producing bio-based pellets and bags from cassava.

ENVIPLAST® encourage regional market as well as international businesses to produce and market more environmentally friendly bags. In this event, ENVIPLAST® met companies and industry players with their latest eco-technologies and eco-products.  ENVIPLAST® and all the companies, government bodies and green industries in general were there to provide the global market with the right solution for a greener future, a greener world.


MAR 2013