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2nd ASEAN Plastic Awards 2016

During the 15th Term AFPI, Asean Federation of Plastic Industries Council meeting (2012-2014) held on April 3rd, 2013 in Thailand, an ASEAN product contest was initiated as part of the plans and programs to promote the development and growth of the Plastics Industry in the ASEAN region. This resulted in the creation of a project called “ASEAN PLASTICS AWARDS” which aims to encourage innovation without compromising on the quality and standards, hence creating higher value to ASEAN’s plastic products. The second “ASEAN Plastics Awards” competition which is hosted by Thailand with the collaboration from plastics industry organizations within member countries of AFPI which comprise of THE INDONESIAN OLEFIN, AROMATIC AND PLASTIC INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (INAPLAS), MALAYSIAN PLASTICS MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION (MPMA), MYANMAR PLASTIC INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION (MPIA) , PHILIPPINE PLASTICS INDUSTRY ASSN., INC. (PPIA) , SINGAPORE PLASTIC INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (SPIA) , VIETNAM PLASTICS ASSOCIATION (VPA), and PLASTIC INDUSTRY CLUB, THE FEDARATION OF THAI INDUSTRIES(PIC-FTI). Thre ara totaly 68 entries contestested in the second Plastic award competion . All eligible entries are judged based on the merits of their quality of the production, manufacturing process, function, and design. Entries judged according to the 4 criteria as follows: Innovation and Function, Aesthetic, Environmental Concern and Overall Impression


The juries from internationally reputed expert decided that Enviplast from PT Inter Aneka Lestari Kimia wins the Green or Sustainable Award. TheGreen or Sustainable Award: a product that has been designed such that it has minimal negative impact on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy. The Green or Sustainable Award, has been especially established to honor companies, institutions and designers who have respect for the environment and who plan for a better future .The winners of the competition was announced and awarded at the “Plastic Night 2016” Gala Dinner to be held on Friday 16th September, 2016 at the Thai Army Club, Vibhavadi-Rangsit road, Bangkok, Thailand.



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