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IEF 2015, the 84th Izmir International Fair

From 28 August -1 Sept 2015 Enviplast has participated in IEF 2015, the 84th Izmir International Fair, at Izmir Kulturpark Fair Area, Turkey. Being the oldest tradeshow in Turkey, IEF gathers together a great variety of Commercial and Industrial Products for roughly 1.5 Million visitors from around the World under one roof.


This opportunity was presented to Enviplast by Indonesian Ministry of Trade. Together with 10 other Indonesian companies from different lines of products such as food and beverages, paper and paper products, processed rubber products and tires et cetera, Enviplast had a stand in ‘The Pavilion Indonesia’ which had as a theme ‘Trade with Remarkable Indonesia’. Our special thanks go out to the Indonesian Ministry of Trade as the 200m2 booth was really attractive, eye catching and drove a lot of visitors of the International Hall to the Enviplast booth.


Enviplast is an environmentally friendly and biodegradable plastics replacement product (for e.g. single use bags) from cassava starch and vegetable oil derivates. If accidentally left in nature, animals can eat and digest Enviplast with no harm done.


At the Fair, visitors could learn about Enviplast pellets, how to produce Enviplast and what type of finished products are available today.


Both from an economic point of view and location wise, Turkey is a very promising country: the economy is growing, Turkey has a hard working and relatively young – well educated – population while it is located between Asia, Africa and Europe. A very strategic location!


Combining Turkish labour for local Enviplast production and its strategic location to ship Enviplast (pellets or finished products) to the EU and central Asia would present a perfect win-win situation for Enviplast and Turkey alike.


Last but not least, our special thanks to the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara which together with the Indonesian Ministry of Trade had arranged fruitful meetings with EBSO, IZTO and EIB, a well known Izmir Business Association.


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